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Paco Ultraviolet Eau De Parfum 50ml

Paco Ultraviolet Eau De Parfum 50ml

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The fragrance and the bottle break with tradition, making Ultraviolet a modern fragrance that is both ultra-feminine and ultra-sensual. Ultraviolet Woman's statement heart note radiates from a delicate flower: Japanese osmanthus flower, also known as Kinmokusei. In the Spring, this white flower scents the air with a light, velvety odour, reminiscent of apricot. To extract all the subtlety and emotion of this flower and bring the fragrance to life, three notes - fresh pimento, amber and vanilla - support the heart. The spicy warmth and freshness of the pimento imparts its radiant, vibrant energy. Amber and vanilla are noble, luxurious ingredients that enhance its depth and intensity. Ultraviolet Woman becomes the expression and very essence of femininity and sensuality.
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BrandPaco Rabbane

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