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Stella Mccartney Stella Rollerball Edp 7.4ml

Stella Mccartney Stella Rollerball Edp 7.4ml

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Brand Stella
Stella McCartney Stella is a classic floral fragrance created for you to wear throughout the year. This perfume caused a complete sensation in 2003, when it was created. The designer behind this perfect scent is the famous Jaques Cavallier. Stella perfume is an intoxicating deluge of Bulgarian rose, evoking impressions of femininity and elegance. The composition of the fragrance is wonderfully subtle and gentle but also softly seductive. Thanks to its accents of amber, the perfume then gains depth and mystery. By combining these elements, a fragrance forms that is simply intensely feminine. Stella is a perfume that is perfectly suited to any social occasion, where you will look elegant and stylish as well as attractive and be wooed by all. This fragrance is also suitable for everyday wear, because every woman enjoys being the centre of attention.
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